Accommodation in cabins and rooms of the Jesenice autocamp

We managed to secure some space for accommodation of competitors in the Autocamping Jesenice: four-persons cabins plain (B), four-persons cabins renovated (BN) and two-persons rooms, all with its own cooking facilities yet with shared bathrooms/toilets. It is offered through the ORIS system as an add-on to your entry, only for the whole stay (Wednesday 3.8. – Sunday 7.8.). More information about the accommodation is available here:

Change of Entry Deadline

The first entry deadline was changed to 20.6..

Preliminary Course Lengths

Preliminary Course Lengths for the 5-Day orienteering competition Tis 2022 are now published.

Bulletin II is out!

A new bulletin as of 17.05.2022 is available for download here. You will find information about accomodation, course setters, distances from event center to start/finish and much more.


There will be a camp at the event center. The price is 600 CZK/person (Tuesday-Sunday) or 300 CZK/person (Friday-Sunday). Children under 6 years can stay at the camp for free.

It is further possible to find accomodation in municipalities near Tis u Blatna, for example Žihle or Autocamp Jesenice.

Welcome to the official website of Tis2022!

The 5-day orienteering event Tis2022 will take place between the 3rd and 7th of August 2022, so remember to book these days in you calendar! Get ready for beautiful terrains around Tis u Blatna where the Czech Relay Championship took place in 2019. You can also look forward to some newly mapped areas. For more information you can take a look map samples, photos of the terrain, or bulletin I. We are looking forward to seeing you!