You can have a look at some photos from the competitions here. We hope you enjoyed the terrains of Tis u Blatna and look forward to see you next time.

Lost & Found

If anything from the Lost&Found section is yours you can contact us via e-mail (

Live Results


You can download the startlists:

Information: COVID-19 Restrictions

Information for foreign participants regarding Covid-19 restrictions in the Czech Republic.

Foreigners from countries marked green may travel to the Czech Republic without any restrictions. If you are traveling from a country marked red you will need a negative Covid-19 test.

At the moment there are no other restrictions to worry about in most parts of Czechia* but we kindly ask you to act with caution and respect towards others. There will be disinfections provided at the event center.

The precautions we are taking are:

  • a limit to 1 000 participants
  • there will be no camp provided by the organizers.

*If you are planning to travel to Prague note that you need to have your mouth and nose covered in the subway.

This information is valid on 10.8.2020, we will let you know about potential changes.

Course parameters

The course parameters are ready! You can download or view them.

Limited number of participants

As a result of the current restrictions for organizing sporting events the number of participants will be limited to 1000 (plus 100 substitutes).

Bulletin I.

You can download the bulletin here or view it here.

Date change

Due to the uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 epidemic, we decided to change the date of organizing Tis 2020 to 14.-16.8. The reason is our attempt to maximize the probability of organizing these races. Related to this is the change of the entry deadline. The first deadline is on 30.6.2020

We apologize for the complications for those, who already registered in the former date and this new one is inconvenient for them. These registrations will stay valid until they are cancelled. We would also like to point out that if the capacity is limited, earlier registrations will have priority. Please, do not send any payments until you are prompted to do so.

Map samples

You can view the map samples here.

Welcome to the official website of Tis 2020!

We were forced to cancel our former competition Czech Canada 2020 (28. 7. – 2. 8. 2020). The forests of Czech Canada are affected by the “bark-beetle calamity”. July and August are months when most trees are cut down and the forests will not be safe for running.

We are preparing equally good 3-day races “Tis 2020”. They will take place in similar terrains one week earlier (24. – 26. 7. 2020).

Bulletin I. will come out in February.