1st and 2nd Czech orienteering cup event
in foothill of Bohemian Forest

Český svaz orientačních sportů
Sportovní klub Praga a OOB TJ Kašperské hory

16. – 17. 5. 2015

Albrechtice, 5 km southeast from Sušice, Southern Bohemia,
GPS: 49.1998158N, 13.5590894E, there is enough space to build up club tents

16.5. (Saturday) middle distance
17.5. (Sunday) long distance

D10L (marked route), D10, D12, D14B, D16A, D16B, D18A, D18B, D20A, D20B, D21A, D21B, D21C, D21E, D35B, D40B, D45B, D50B, D55B, D60B, D65B, D70B, D75B
H10L (marked route), H10, H12, H14B, H16A, H16B, H18A, H18B, H20A, H20B, H21A, H21B, H21C, H21E, H35B, H40B, H45B, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B, H70B, H75B, H80B
HDR (unmarked route – children with accompaniment), P (open, simple – suitable for beginners), T (open, training)

To be sent by email to: (please include name, class, year of birth and SI-card number). Entry is valid once you receive a reply.
– 1st term entries for basic entry fees until Thursday 30.4.2015
– 2nd term for 150% of basic entry fees until Friday 8.5.2015.
– 3rd term after 8.5.2015 for 200% of basic entry fees, may not be possible in all classes
Any entries in classes HDR, DH10L, P and T are for basic entry fees.

ENTRY FEES – basic fees

16.5. (middle) 17.5. (long)
DH16A, DH18A, DH20A, DH21EABC 170 CZK 200 CZK
HDR, DH10L, DH10, DH12, DH14B 100 CZK 100 CZK
DH60B, DH65B, DH70B, DH75B, H80B 120 CZK 130 CZK
other classes, P, T 160 CZK 180 CZK

The entry fee should be paid in CZK to the account of SK Praga at Fio Banka, a.s. | V Celnici 1028/10 | Praha 1 | 117 21 | Czech Republic, SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX, Account Number 2500695784/2010, IBAN: CZ27 2010 0000 0025 0069 5784. The payment information should indicate your name. All bank transfer costs should be charged to the payer.

in the event arena
Saturday 16.5.         10.00-11.30
Sunday 17.5.         7.00-8.00


Parking – event arena up to 300 m
Event arena – start up to 2500 m
Event arena – finish 0 m
Parking – accommodation up to 10 km

Saturday 16.5.        12.30
Sunday 17.5.        9.00

Saturday: Highland, hilly terrain with detailed rocky areas. Mostly fast forest with good visibility, few parts with lower visibility. There are also not many tracks in the area.
Sunday: Highland, hilly terrain with very variable character. Fast parts are combined with rocky areas and steep slopes. Visibility varies from very good to poor. There are also marshes and mountain meadows. A bit more tracks than on Saturday.

Map key: ISOM 2000, latest revision in May 2015, water-proof maps for all classes, main cartographer Roman Horký
Saturday 16.5.:

  • 1:10 000, E=5m, A4 size

Sunday 17.5.:

  • 1:15 000 (in cl. DH16-DH21), E=5 m, A3 size
  • 1:10 000 (in cl. HDR, DH10L, DH10, P), E=5 m, A4 size
  • 1:10 000 (in the rest classes), E=5 m, A3 size

Electronic system SPORTIDENT is used. SI-card can be hired from organizer for 50 CZK/day.

INFORMATION – event website
Tomáš Landovský, cell phone 728 629 957, email:

This event is organized according to current Czech orienteering rules, Competition regulations for 2015. All competitors should observe those and also Czech forest law.

With a fee of 200 CZK should be handed to the main referee.

All competitors are running at their own risk.
Sales and propagation in the arena can be kept just with the agreement of the event director (except orienteering events propagation).

Hard floor accommodation (8 km from the arena), possible from Friday 15.5. to Sunday 17.5. The price is 80 CZK/person/night.
For further possibilities visit our event website or contact organizers by email.

Catering service with offer of hot-meals and drinks will be placed at the arena.


Saturday (middle) Sunday (long)
Director Tomáš Landovský Tomáš Landovský
Main referee Ondřej Sysel, R1 Ondřej Sysel, R1
Course setter Jan Procházka, R2 Jan Šedivý, R3

Invitation in pdf available here.

You are warmly welcome to participate in our five-day event in summer 2016 in beautiful terrains of „Czech Canada“