Basic information

Organiser: Sportovní klub Praga

Date: August 10-14, 2016

Event centre: Kunžak near Jindřichův Hradec, camping Zvůle, GPS 49°5’36.255″N, 15°14’25.363″E

Preliminary program:

    10.8. (Wednesday) E1 – shortened long
    11.8. (Thursday) E2 – long
    12.8. (Friday) E3 – middle
    13.8. (Saturday) E4 – long
    14.8. (Sunday) E5 – shortened long (chasing start)

Side event: 12.8. (Friday) night sprint

Terrain: Continental terrain. Mixed forest, moderately hilly with many details (boulders, rocks, knolls). Good runnability.

Maps: 1:10 000, ISOM 2000 standard

Entries: will be launched during autumn 2015

Note: Detailed invitation will be published during autumn 2015.

Contact: Ctibor Sysel, e-mail: ctibor.sysel[NP]